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Suvalor S.A initiated as a firm with a corporate profile focused on the country main cities. We positioned ourselves at the end of the 90´s as stock market leaders with great acceptance and trust by Colombian and foreign investors.

In 1999 we became the first company to obtain Counterpart Risk AAA rating granted by Fitch Ratings Colombia, maintaining so far such grade.
Over the years we have executed correspondent agreements with entities such as Smith Barney, UBS, MAN and MFGlobal, thus expanding our investment international products.

In 2003, we began to focus on Third Party Portfolio Management services, which includes the design and implementation of investment strategies suited to customers risk profile and objectives.

Likewise, in order to directly participate on the international market, we incorporated in 2005 a Panama subsidiary denominated Valores Bancolombia Panamá S.A. (prior Suvalor Panama S.A.), thus consolidating our international operation. At the end of such year, Suvalor merged with Comisionistas de Colombia COMICOL (Bancolombia subsidiary) changing our corporate name to Valores Bancolombia S.A Comisionista de Bolsa.

In 2010 we began a restructuring process upon the commercial model, specializing the commercial force on Private Banking, Business Banking, People Banking and SMEs, thus creating an expert commercial team willing to provide comprehensive investment advisory according to customer profile and needs.

Likewise, Valores Bancolombia has participated on important placement of shares from companies such as ISA, Ecopetrol, Éxito, Argos and Sura, and operations including the Empresa de Energía del Pacífico purchase public offering (2009), thus gathering special recognition in the country for our experience in this type of transactions. Moreover, we stand out as the main distributor agent of Private Debt Bond issuance at the Colombian stock market.  
Additionally, we positioned our firm as catalytic agents upon distribution of in-house and market products, offering a wide variety of investment solutions both in Colombia and abroad, which includes basic products such as stock, fixed income and collective portfolio, as well as structured and innovating products.
As members of the Bancolombia Group we deliver a comprehensive products and services offer to our customers according to its investments, risk management and financing needs.

Recognitions and Ratings

Valores Bancolombia obtained the following ratings which ratify our management strength:

  • Short and long term Counterpart Risk high credit quality “AAA(col)” and “F1+(col)”granted by Fitch Ratings Colombia S.A.
  • Strength upon Investment Asset Management at “The Highest Standards (Col)” granted by Fitch Ratings Colombia S.A.

Likewise, we have excellent ratings for our collective investment funds.

Risk Management and Organizational Structure

Integral Risk Management is a Bancolombia Group strategy based on principles provided by the Basel Committee, national and foreign rules, and corporate strategy. Such management involves the identification, measurement, monitoring and mitigation of risk, and is focused on self-control and culture creation process, the purpose of which is to engage employees upon managing risk inherent to workaday activities thereof. Learn more in detail here.